Welcome to a world of relaxing Spa treatments and revitalising luxury for everyone.

The Ivybridge Spa has been beautifully designed to be a haven of peace and tranquillity where the cares and stresses of modern life just melt away. From the minute you arrive you will find caring, friendly, professional staff trained in the latest body, skincare, weight loss and beauty treatments. This is supported by the latest Spa facilities ready to revitalise and re energise your mind and body with a wide range of pampering treatments for men, women and teens.

Whether or not you’re a complete new comer to the world of Spa surroundings and treatments you will be pleasantly surprised as to what the Ivybridge Spa can offer you.

Q) What do I have to bring with me on the day?

A) just yourself and bathing costume or trunks, we provide towels, gowns, slippers, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, hairdryers, potions, lotions & more!

Q) Is there any order to using the Spa facilities?

A) No particular order, why not start by warming & relaxing your muscles in the hydro bath, then move into the steam or sauna. Don’t forget to shower off your skin in-between each heat treatment.

Q) If I am a guest at the Ivybridge do I have to book in advance?

A) Yes, it is very important you book directly with us at the Spa as early as possible for spa sessions and treatments.

Q) Will I be able to use the Spa if I am aware of any medical complaint or I may be pregnant?

A) You may need your GP’s approval before using the heat treatments, The Spa cannot be held responsible for any ill health if relevant medical information has not been disclosed.

Q) Is food readily available?

A) The Ivybridge offers a lunch and evening menu, if you are not already booked onto a package where food is included you can pre book lunch & dinner directly with the hotel.

Please feel free to contact us with your questions and suggestions.

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